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Importance Of TradeKey in Online B2B Protals

In online business world, b2b platforms act as a bridge between buyers and sellers. Since maintaining a website with all the business tools is not an easy task, Business to business platforms solve this issue by providing there platform to the sellers. TradeKey is an online b2b platform that enables the buyers and sellers to connect and do business with each other. TradeKey easy to use web interface and outstanding position in leading search engines makes it the first choice among sellers.

But TradeKey has more than good search engine rankings and modern business tools. TradeKey has a huge member base of over 6 million members making it a standalone b2b platform on which sellers has unlimited buyers and buyers has unlimited choice of sellers. With over 6 million members’ database, TradeKey members can leverage this strength to further expand their business globally.

Since many buyers prefer to look at the professional profile of company before doing business, TradeKey offers a unique service to its sellers to get a managed website with the entire products database they have on TradeKey. This enables sellers to present their website to potential buyers and increase the trust among buyers. Sellers can also upload unlimited products, videos, brochures and info of their company.

TradeKey also provides a section of latest buy offers where buyers add their buying needs on daily basis. This helps the sellers to contact the buyers immediately and provide them with the best quote and get the order. This section also helps sellers to see what products or services are in demand right now.

Although there are hundreds of b2b platforms but only some of them are worth using. TradeKey is the leading choice of sellers among these b2b platforms due to its over 6 million member’s database and smart business tools.

Empowering Women In E-Business - TradeKey Steps Up Its Efforts

In order to empower women and develop them as successful e-business entrepreneurs, TradeKey has formally announced the inauguration of Women Business Incubation Center (WBIC). This initiative of TradeKey will help Pakistani women play a pivotal role in the economic development of Pakistan While keeping their values intact and focusing on their family and household affairs.

TradeKey takes a step ahead in empowering women of Pakistan and announces its Women Business Incubation Center. WBIC provide women the opportunities to become E-Business enterpreneur while working in research based environment indulged with our social and ethical values, managing work life balance. We are looking for talented and passionate women with flair to grow in E-Business industry, those who take their lifestyle as Internet and operate in an era of information technology. WBIC would be providing all basic needs to develop and grow their businesses by having financial, technical and marketing support from

Women with creative ideas and self-confidence to become E-Business Entrepreneur are encouraged to share their profile at


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B2B Marketplace Usability Guide

b2b marketplace From the design and usability point of view, many B2B websites are stuck in the 1990s. Most B2B sites focus on the internal design targeted fail to respond to customers "on key issues or concerns, and opportunities to block paths in the search companies to place on their list circular loom.

These sites do not realize that the Web has the company-customer relationship reversed. Most online interactions are demand-driven: either people want or what they look like it is your site for the contest to give up.

The result of the poor design of B2B websites? In our usability tests, B2B sites received a pass rate of only 58% (measured by the percentage of new users to achieve their tasks on a website). However, major websites have a success rate much higher than 66%.

Whereas vastly more money at stake for B2B as for business-to-Consumer (B2C), it is surprising that B2B websites offer a lot of bad user experience.

RC Bulldozers ~ Ball Valves ~ Wheel Loaders ~ Granite Slabs ~ Cone Crushers ~ Plasma Cutters

The user searches
Discover the use guidelines for good design, B2B, we conducted several sets of users of qualitative research. We collected empirical data on the behavior, needs and preferences of actual users from a wide range of businesses. Our participating securities jobs away from vice-presidents, entrepreneurs and engineers, marketing managers, buyers, and various administrative assistants.

We must ensure the most meetings in the United States (California, Washington and Arizona) and a few meetings in the United Kingdom for the international applicability of the results.

We combined three different methods of research for better understanding of complex issues in usability B2B win:

    * Focus groups. We facilitated 12 focus groups. Our goal was twofold: the range of research participants and the procurement process to understand and prioritize your B2B site features to facilitate these processes. Focus groups are a method of assessing real bad web pages or specific design ideas, so you do not use it for that purpose.
    * The user tests. This section tested 55 users Business live web pages in one session of use. Individual users performed tasks related to their real tasks on sites that focus their resources. We asked users to verbalize their thoughts, and observed and recorded their behavior. Since this method examines what people do, it's better as a group to evaluate designs that really work, compared to designs that people think, is to concentrate on work.
    * Field Studies. We visited seven users of technology to observe in their natural environment. (Some people use the term "ethnography" to describe on-site visits, but you can do field observation contextual without him a fancy name.)

In total, our group, 79 participants (39 men and 40 women) with a distribution of age groups. Most users are between 30 and 59, with a smaller number of users in their 20s or 60s. Participants were also uniformly with respect to firm size for them, ranging from small (1-35 employees) worked distributed large (more than 3,500 employees).

The study tested 179 participants B2B sites - much more than usual test in our studies. In this case, however, the large number was necessary because the B2B sector, the extreme diversity.

B2B vs. B2C
B2B website goals are much more complex than typical B2C site. It's the only excuse for B2B websites for their poor usability. But in reality, the more complex scenario, the greater the need for support for user interfaces. B2B sites if the user experience more stress, not least because they need to help users more advanced tasks and more specialized research products.

B2B purchases are often big ticket items or service contracts. The pages "products or services are often highly specialized, with complex data Finally, decisions on B2B websites that will have long term effects. Customers are not only as a single acquisition, they are often purchased in a relationships with suppliers long term support, coaching and future enhancements and add-ons include.

For all these reasons to dominate research and multi-criteria decision, the B2B user. B2B sites have a much wider range of information than is common in B2C. A B2B site has simple facts that are easily and quickly understood by an early prospect who is just looking to see what offers are available. It should also contain details of white papers and information about opportunities to understand concepts such as Total Cost of Ownership, ROI, and if and how the product or service to integrate with customers existing environment.

Another important difference is that users are generally B2C buying for themselves. They therefore use decision-making process of one person: a single user, budget and permission to explore the possibilities of making the decision to close the purchase, shipment, and use the product. However, in B2B, each of these steps could be to different people and different departments.

A B2B site has many types of users with different needs. Based on our user research, we identified five main characters of B2B user classes are: Even this additional complexity only strengthens the argument for B2B sites to emphasize usability in their design.

"Add to Cart" vs. Full support of the procurement process
One of the biggest differences between B2B and B2C may be that most B2B companies do not seem to be as engaged in e-commerce. Maybe it's because most B2B sites do not have caddies. The typical B2B product can be gained by a simple button in your cart: It could be adapted, for example, or require other forms of hand-holding. In addition, prices could be fixed, but adapted to each customer.

However, the absence of a button is in the basket does not mean that providers should ignore their B2B websites. The site should still support the many other phases of the procurement process - including post-sales phases, which are crucial for customer loyalty in the long term. In fact, many require complex products, spare parts and other supplies that are perfectly suited to e-commerce Traditional.

More importantly, major B2B sites are lead generators. Prospects use websites during their initial research and stick with sites useful for future research.

The site provides opportunities for the company. In today's world, people are not always save the brochures and ads because they think they can provide relevant information on the web if they are related to the need for strikes. Most of our users also said that when they think about the business relationship with the company, was one of his first acts to check on their website. Thus, a site that communicates adequately the credibility of a manufacturer and its products, visit them seriously discourage incoming leads - long before starting the official distributor efforts.

One reason so many B2B sites have poor usability could be because they are less directly responsible for the sale. In a traditional B2C e-commerce site, every single design decision directly and measurably affects the site conversion rate and other indicators, such as the basket medium. Many B2C sites are religious to comply with usability guidelines e-commerce because of their own statistics on how much money they lose every time they learn about the ease of misuse.

However, do not close because the sites online B2B sales, they may turn away from the vast majority of users and never know how many sales they lost. A company can decide its own website helps or hinders users by conducting user research with representative customers - do not most companies a bit. Based on our experience in testing 179 B2B sites, we can safely predict that most companies would be shocked if they ever tested their own websites.

User Hostile Design
B2B sites often prevent users always have the information necessary for finding solutions. Sometimes this is intentional, such as Web sites behind barriers of good things recording. Other times it is unintentional, as when confusing navigation prevents users related to information search, or if the information they want is so large and so obscure that they do not understand not.

A simple example: Many sites use segmentation, in which users must click on the appropriate site segment. Unfortunately, these segments are not often think with the customer about it, and they require analysis in several areas of the site, the right to find. Even a simple segmentation, such as size of enterprises is not obvious. What counts as small? Better sites will comment on their decisions with a definition (indicating, for example, that their small business goals with fewer than 100 employees).

Another tactic is required to register B2B user to buy or lead generation complete. Users are very reluctant to do so, but. If your site wants to continue on this path to take, you should at least follow the application guidelines to facilitate your forms. In most cases, however, we recommend moving more information out of the gate, so it is available to users during their initial search. You must be a certain level of credibility before the people willing to give their contact information. Business people are too busy these days the time for sales calls - unless the seller is thinking, it's probably something they want to offer.

The product information you make available without registration to assess fully sufficient for the user, if your solution is valid for their situation. In our study, the incomplete description have been the cause of much skepticism. At the same time, we can not throw everything on a first visit. Even if you sell highly technical products to a highly specialized, one can not assume that all users of the terminology or the most important considerations for understanding your competitor's product. Enter helpful to educate summaries and guides for new users. If the fabric of how people feel about their problems, you have to sell half-way.

The most user-hostile most B2B sites is the total absence of information on prices. And yet when we asked the user to define priorities, ahead of 28 species of B2B information site most importantly, he achieved the highest rate by far (29% more than the availability of the product , which is the second).

Sites have many excuses for not for the price, but they are only excuses. Users expect to have a basic understanding of products and services during their initial search, and they can not do without some idea of what it will cost. Even if your company can not list exact prices, there are several ways to price levels that really all people need first is to define.

We have tested many B2B sites with elements of good design: navigation, useful work product descriptions, information, comparison charts, trying to put on sale, helpful support, educational white papers, and so on. We know these sites can also be performed. Unfortunately, good ideas have been rare.

The average user experience is not very favorable B2B clients. Consequently, the sites do not offer value for the company because it will eventually set back prospects rather than convert them into customers. The only good news in this assessment is that most websites can dramatically improve their business value by following some simple guidelines for use and thus offer a customer-oriented environment. It is time for the B2B level of the user experience offered by the websites of public update since long.

Increase Your Business With

It may increase with registering your business in a B2B platform, revenue and business growth efficiently and profitably.

When I say that the promotion of your products and business models in international markets without leaving your desk, then I talk about the B2B platform. The society we live in today is increasingly dependent on the Internet for their shopping needs and there would be no better place than a common platform where you buyers, sellers, distributors and manufacturers, etc., to find potential business partners can be adjusted. B2B technology allows you to promote your business worldwide and has become the most reliable business for international trade.

may increase with registering your business in a B2B platform, revenue and business growth efficiently and profitably. However, the B2B portal will benefit your company as if you know how and how to submit your profile on a B2B platform, otherwise it will be just another site for you. No matter how good your product is, but if potential buyers exposed correctly, you can not enjoy it. Today, the Internet has become the most reliable instrument for display. Many small companies have become big business has increased by adopting marketing strategies in line for competitors, so it is important to know how it differs from other users. The important points to consider in the implementation of the B2B platform to consider.


It is clear that speech is about your industry, importer or exporter. This includes the classification of the distributor, wholesaler, manufacturer, distributor, etc. is

Company Profile:

To market themselves and their products with more efficiency and credibility, not the profile section of society an important role. A well written and descriptive profile of the company clearly indicates the credibility, authenticity and insight into your business to the buyer.

Tradekey (

B2B marketplaces have given a completely new perspective to global trade. Tradekey China, in particular, has managed to exploit this resource very productively. China dominates B2B marketplaces like to such an extent that China seems to be a leader in the online B2B industry.

What does a business want? Consistent growth and increasingly high profits, right? But you can’t grow and increase profits unless you sell the desired number of products or services and you can’t sell your products or services unless you market your business in a highly effective manner. This is where B2B marketing comes into play, to help you achieve your business goals.

New Chinese online marketplaces in competition, to promote B2B in China, are emerging at a fast pace. Not only the TradeKey is growing, but other online marketplaces are thriving as well.

Online Business to Business marketplaces, mainly, try to target the Asian market to find manufactures and exporters so as Tradekey. However, Asia is not the only continent where TradeKey looks for exporters. But one fact remains unchanged, i.e., no matter where the exporters are from, China continues to dominate the B2B industry as a major manufacturer and exporter.

There is another benefit that B2B websites get from China like TradeKey. China is also a major importer of various products. It imports raw material from different countries to produce finished manufactured products. Hence, B2B websites also present Chinese companies as major importers.

B2B in China is flourishing and the entire world is looking at China either to import or export products. Chinese suppliers have the entire world to cater to and if they provide heart-winning services as tradekey do, so they can also easily attract buyers who import products from other countries.

Read How TradeKey Make it Happen?

Traders from 220 countries use the powerful platform of TradeKey everyday to look for products they want to buy. Therefore, opens the door for exporters to put their products in front of hungry buyers already looking to buy their products. helps increase the visibility of products of exporters worldwide and, as a result, brings tons of qualified buyers to the doors of exporters. After signing-up for free, they can start posting their company profile and products immediately. TradeKey has made it possible for exporters to get in touch with interested buyers in a matter of minutes only.

You can easily create a free account on and reap the benefits of B2B marketing. TradeKey’s B2B marketing brings global trade to your doorstep. The question is, "Will you take advantage of it or simple let it pass you by?" The decision is yours.